Eyebrows Obsession

I fall into the millenial generation.  Even though I’m in the older end of this generation I am still attracted to certain trends.  I saw a post from a friend about perfect eyebrows and it intrigued me.  It was called 6D Microblading, and I fell in love with the idea of not having to do my brows all the time.  After doing some research, I decided to take the pluge and do it.

I want to share what 6D Microblading means:

> Eyebrow Embroidery
> Micropigmentation
> Tattooing
> Micbroblading

Methods include :

> Hair Strokes
> Feathering
> Etching
> Powderfill
> 3D,4D and 6D eyebrows

I had an appointment to Ms. Kryzy Cruz clinic located at EastBay Residences Sucat Muntinlupa City.  She explained to me the procedure and process of healing.  It consist of 2 sessions.  The first session is to shape and microblade your brows according to your face, and the second session is to touch up your final look.

Based on my experience, there is pain but still tolerable. The anesthesia took effect after 30 minutes and the whole microblading session took about 45 minutes.
She used the deep brown color tint(based on skin tone) and then 3 times hair stroke for both eyebrows.  After the session I don’t feel any itchiness and stinging sensation.
You are not able to wash it directly with water for 10 days.  Day by day you will experience scabbing, itching and faded eyebrows (Don’t worry ladies it’s  normal)but
after 10 days the brows will go back to it’s natural color, then on it’s 3rd week touch up session will be scheduled.

I was surprised with the result (so satisfying at it’s affordable price) since I have a thin eyebrows before, it took me an hour just to fix and shape my brows
but now I’m happy and contented the way it looks like. The 6D microblading cost around Php 4,500 or less than a hundred dollars for the whole session and it will last
1-2years depending on your skin type.  For better result Ms. Kryzy advice to comeback every 6 months for the retouch session.

I recommend this procedure to those Girls, Ladies and moms who don’t have much time to do their brows.  Your face will look neat, more beautiful
and natural looking brows.

Please watch my video for the whole experience and details on how I get this PERFECT EYEBROWS 🙂

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